What are your goals?  That's the question I'm going to ask you.  Your goals will dictate the type of training I recommend.  I do not have a canned set of exercises that I apply to all my clients.


No shouting, no fad exercises, no bs.  I offer encouragement, yes, but I'm not a drill seargent.  The exercises I use are tried-and-true, available at almost any gym in the country, so if you work out once each week with me and twice per week on your own somewhere else, you can find what you need anywhere.


I am not a registered dietician, but my certification allows me to offer general dietary advice.  Two rules of thumb:

What and when you eat is at least as important as how you train.


Some people think hiring a personal trainer is expensive, a luxury.  I once thought the same thing, but I now feel my ability to take control of my own health and well-being is far less expensive than leaving it up to the current medial industry.  Knowing what we as individuals can do to keep ourselves healthy is paramount.

In 2011, the CDC estimated that one-third of American adults were obese, and obesity is directly related to a wide array of chronic diseases.  According to the article linked, "People who were obese had medical costs that were $1,429 higher than the cost for people of normal body weight."  And that's just medical costs.

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